Laser Cut/Engrave Perspex & Acrylic

Produce crystal clear laser cut edges and intricate contours with the Tribe Laser. Laser engraving the surface of acrylic produces a white contrast against the clear material. Because acrylic engraves and cuts very easily, it’s a very popular among laser machine users

Laser Cut/Engrave Wood

All types of wood including pine, oak, mahogany, maple and other exotic hardwoods can be laser engraved and cut. Because all wood has its own unique qualities, each will produce a different yet beautiful outcome.

Laser Cut Paper and Cardboard

Laser cutting Paper and Cardboard is becoming popular, because its a cheap material. Laser cut paper to create delicate stationary and invitations and create lightweight 3D products with cardboard!

Laser Cut/Engrave MDF

MDF Board is very popular, Super versatile hard board that has many Laser cutting and engraving applications

Bamboo Menu Fabrication and Laser Engraving

Laser Cut Bamboo

Bamboo has one of the most beautiful finishes of all the materials we supply. Contemporary – Eco Friendly – Versatile , a Favorite for many of our clients.

Laser Engraving Glass

When laser etching glass, the end result is often a look of quality and class. Laser etching glass or crystal leaves a frosty mark on the surface that stands out, yet is smooth to the touch.

Laser Marking Metal

Many bare metals can be engraved when a marking compound is used. Certain types of metals like aluminum, brass and chrome can be marked without the use of a metal marking compound.

Laser Cut  Textiles

Laser cutting fabrics and textiles such as leather, denim and micro suede produces unique effects. Many types of fabric can also be easily cut, leaving you with a sealed, non-fraying edge of material.

Laser Engraved Stone & Ceramics

All types of stone and ceramics can be beautifully engraved into, producing high quality results and gorgeous finishes.

Laser Cut/Engrave Leather

Easy to both cut and engrave, leather is a high end material and can be used to create custom clothing and shoes. With many colors of leather available, the possibilities are endless!