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Laser Cutting & Engraving Easy Process:

Communicate to Us your Creative Idea’s and Requirements with Job Specifications.

Our Maximum Cutting Area is 1300 x 900mm

Please Email us all of your Designs & Files for your Project, get an instant quote here or use our online Contact Form.

If you have your Laser Cut File ready in .dxf format, you can upload your file here and receive an Instant Estimated Quote. We will review your files and communicate any questions and changes with you. Once you are satisfied we will Email you a link to Complete Your Purchase and we will start production asap. Have a look at our FAQ ‘How do I prepare a .dxf file for cutting and engraving?’ here .

If your file isn’t ready, that’s no worries. We will still love to hear from you via email or our contact form . Once we have all the Job details, we will work out a Quote for You, based on all the specifications you have provided. 

Please remember to inform us of the Quantity of laser cuts or Engraves you require and the Thickness of Material you wish to cut, as this will effect the final quote.


Before we begin your Project we will 1st confirm with you that everything is in order: Pricing / Design/ Materials/ Timeframe etc. You will then receive an email from us with a link to complete your purchase. After payment confirmation we will start the production of your project asap.

View our FAQ ‘How the Checkout process works’ here or contact us with any questions.

Please Read Carefully our

Terms & Conditions

Before we start your project.


For most orders we have a Same Day Turnaround Time, unless specified otherwise.

We strive to deliver perfection to you and for us, perfection is not only the quality of your product, but also the timeframe in which we deliver. 


During the checkout process of your order you will have a choice between local pickup or the delivery (we use The Courier guy as our delivery service). Based on your choice, you will either be notified to collect your project or receive the tracking information of your parcel.

We will Notify You as soon as your Project is Complete. 

We offer the Fastest and Friendliest, Quality Laser Cutting and Engraving in Cape Town. We will give you competitive pricing and quotes for all your cutting and engraving needs. Our Laser Machines cutting dimensions are up to 1300mm x 900mm Materials: Wood/ Leather/ Cardboard/ Perspex/ Glass/ Ceramics and Many More. Click here for an Instant Estimated Quote or Contact us for a Quote or Price comparison (we will beat any price)! Professional Graphic Design Work Available on Request.